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Company Profile

Ningbo Linstant Polymer Materials Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of polymer accessories for medical device, combining research, design and production as a whole part, provides 'one to one' customized solutions for minimally invasive medical device companies.
Based on customers’requirements, the company applies the medical grades PP, PE, PA,TPU, PC, PEBAX, PEEK and other materials to produce: single-lumen and multi-lumen tube, reinforced sheath, multi-layer composite tube, tubing with special materials and a variety of multi-fonctional injection components. The company is certified with ISO13485:2003 quality system requirements for production management. It’s ensured that the processes from the purchases of raw material, the production, the inspection, to the packing processes are traceable.
With more than 15 years of experiences in plastics processing, we can provide excellent products and technical supports for every customer: precise size, small tolerance range, fast protyping and stable production. Welcome consulting and negotiation!